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wordpress securityThe folks at DaGreCo are online Business Experts and WordPress Consultants. We are dedicated to helping business owners to benefit from today’s online technology.

DaGreCo is your resource for Security Experts with many years’ experience installing, repairing, securing and maintenance of websites.

After reviewing many client’s sites we were amazed at the lost sales that occurred due to compromised websites. Much of this was the result of improper or incomplete installations, which left various security holes. We then dedicated ourselves to help reducing missed sales, precious time lost as well as the aggravation associated with your website going down. We help clients protect their website right from the start in order to keep the online hackers and cyber criminals out. You can forget about missed revenues when your website is down, because we will make sure it is secure.

Many webmasters install WordPress, however very few worry about security measures. At DaGreCo, a reliable and protected website is our mission.

Irrespective of if you’re planning a new WordPress blog or website, or transitiong from a different platform, you need to have DaGreCo deploy it, with the knowledge that your site is going to be protected from cyberpunks the second it’s set up.

We can also assist you if the website launched lacking security and now it is down due to harmful code by a hacker.

WordPress Installation & Security

Did you know that more than one million WordPress sites were cracked last year. Was your site or your client’s site among them?

WordPress is a widely used website platform today. Because it is Open Source, everyone can access its Source Code, which allows them to test out completely new cracking/hacking techniques. Don’t misunderstand me, WordPress is certainly a good website platform. It is constantly undergoing revision and testing. You just need to take a few extra steps at installation and periodic updates.

“Why should you worry about WordPress security?”

This is usually the question I get once I begin discussing the way to set up WordPress safely and securely. Surprisingly, most of the people assume the possibility of a hacker – or specifically, cracker or intruder breaking into their website and creating chaos is almost zero.

The not so good news is, it takes place more frequently than you would imagine.

Has Your WordPress Blog Been Hacked? We Can Help

Website security is a little like medical health insurance – you won’t ever really be worried about it before you absolutely, positively require it and it is too darn late to have it.

Website security is a little like medical health insurance – you won’t ever really be worried about it before you absolutely, positively require it and it is too darn late to have it.

“Naw, that’s not going to occur to ME.”

Well, you better reconsider!

Every single day, hosting servers get fried, cyber-terrorist break accounts, websites inexplicably disappear, and whole companies are completely lost. Scared yet? You ought to be.

That’s, unless of course you’ve already got the correct website protection and peace of mind in place. There’s virtually no time like now to get the website secure and guarded from undesirable attacks, cyber-terrorist, along with other unpredicted problems.

We are particularly speaking about websites and blogs setup using the WordPress platform. WordPress is just about the leading Blogging service and CMS (Content Management Systems) for customers around the globe. Bigger firms are actually embracing WordPress because of the various features and benefits it offers. However, much like every software program, you will find security weaknesses that you ought to be careful of.

The Reason Why You Must Safeguard Your WordPress Website

Did you know your site is located on the computer? Yes, the word “server” is simply a fancy term for any PC located in a building or warehouse somewhere. Many people don’t understand the internet isn’t as ‘virtual’ as it appears. It might seem like the website is out somewhere in cyberspace, but your site is really a lot of files on a computer sitting somewhere inside a physical building.

You know that computers might have technical difficulties, as you have most likely experienced through multiple instances of trouble with your personal computer.

And thus your hosting server, also a pc, can encounter trouble too. It may get overloaded and go bust, or it may get compromised. It sometimes blurps and must be restarted. These things can shut it down for a short or perhaps a lengthy time period.

Lots of people assume that it’s the responsibility of the webhost to have their website safe. That’s simply not the situation and I am confident that if you decide to go and scour the hosting agreement you signed, you will find that safeguarding your site as well as your business is entirely up to you.

Why wouldn’t you safeguard your site against cyber-terrorist along with other unpredicted issues?

The apparent response is that you don’t want to lose all of the effort you’ve put in building your site as well as your business. Believe me, this occurs.

Take a look at a couple of of the methods your site may become jeopardized:

  • Internet hosting issues
  • Cyber-terrorist add code or take over your website
  • Malicious worker or contractor messes with your site
  • Upgrading produces errors and takesdown your website
  • Website inexplicably vanishes without reason (True story – this happened to a customer!)

I’d say any of these is a great reason to following through.

That’s why we’re here. We have several proprietary methods where we can go in and make adjustments and changes to critical areas. Afterwards your site will be better protected than 74% of the websites today.

It will only take us 3-5 hours and your website will be protected and you can have peace of mind your website will be available and ready when your customers arrive.

Contact us today and let’s get started.