Are You Facing A Difficult Decision-The Embarrassment Test


In startups, it is easy to find a dissenting opinion.Turns out if you are doing anything that is half-way interesting in your company, there will be a myriad of opinions, pontifications and explanations of a better, different or other course of action.And most times, you are offered these opinions all for free (except if those ‘opinions’ come from those investors who actually gave you money for the right to offer their opinion).
As an entrepreneur, it’s a tough thing to sit there and wonder if your gut is right.In particular in an industry with so much grey in the normally straightforward concepts of right and wrong, you are sorta forced to use your gut, interspersed with some data and feedback, to make a surprisingly large number of decisions.

So just how do you look yourself in the mirror in good faith and think, “yup, that’s the right decision” when so much is based on grey guts… whatever that means?

I like to use the Embarrassment Test…

Excellent thought.  I have heard “would I be embarrassed for my Grandma to see this’ used as a rationale for showing a photo or for choosing an outfit.  I love the expansion of the concept for business decisions.

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