Are You Falling For These Three SEO False Myths?

Search engine optimization is simple, really.You try something and if it doesn’t make you happy you try something else.That is search engine optimization in a nutshell.

It’s all a bit gut-level and unscientific when you look at it that way but there is darned little science being applied to search engine optimization today.Here are three examples where the failure to apply real science has created some new cautionary tales in our community repertoire of SEO tricks and pseudo wisdom.

Barry Schwartz occasionally highlights comments from Google employees that he feels provide useful insight or debunkery. Barry’s judgment in these matters is (in my humble opinion) exceptional and that is why I have been a faithful reader of Search Engine Roundtable for years…

I have to admit I have fallen for at least one of these myths.  I got to thinking that since the current trend of curation is ranking the way it does then shorter pieces of content is okay.