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Have you noticed your Links are missing after updating to WordPress 3.5?

For the past few months, rumors were flying that WordPress was going to remove the Links/Blogroll feature of WordPress. As of August 2012, it is now gone from many MacManx, Happiness Engineer at, recently stated: The Links section was removed from the core software, which means that it will probably be removed…

Back in the days when we started using WordPress, the Links feature aka blogroll was fascinating. It allowed us to add and remove links on the sidebar without dealing with code at all. It was a dream come true for us beginners. However, now the links feature seems a bit outdated and quite frankly not as easy as the “Menus”. In this article, we make a case of replacing the Blogroll “Links” feature in favor of WordPress menus.

If you still want the links feature there is another solution…

The WordPress Development team knows that many of you still rely upon your blogrolls. They’ve created the Link Manager WordPress Plugin, the official replacement for the original Links Manager in WordPress. This will restore the Links Manager once WordPress 3.5 removes it. Consider adding it first before updating to preserve you links, just in case.

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