WordPress And Security Services

I’m sure you’ve thought it before “I sure hope that I don’t spill this coffee into my laptop.”

Wow. Scary to think about, isn’t it. What would the ramifications be if you did? And, how long would it take you to recover from that?

– Lost programs.
– Lost documents.
– Lost pictures.
– Lost emails, even.

And, that’s just from a cup of coffee. Heck, that’s an accident.

What about intentional malice? Hackers, viruses, identity theft?

Clueless on how to backup your WordPress website or blog?
Worried your site might get hacked into?
Afraid to upgrade to a new version of WordPress for fear you’ll mess up and crash everything?

When it comes to computer security, many of us live in a bubble of blissful ignorance. We might be vigilant and never open email attachments from people we don’t know, we might take care to make sure an e-commerce site is secure before entering our credit card information, or we might even go so far as to install a standard firewall on our computers. Unfortunately, much of the common sense advice we follow when it comes to Internet security does little to combat the cyber-crime that is rampant.

WordPress Security Audit

WordPress has become the open-source Content management system, or CMS, preferred. However, like all website platform, it is in no way perfect. The obligation to always keep the installation protected and secure relies entirely with you, definitely not to a remote business.
Want to find out exactly how secure your WordPress website is from annoying cyberpunks? Is your current web host closing security holes by updating the web server? Do you want to learn exactly where your site has vulnerabilities?
We can perform a comprehensive assessment of your configuration, database as well as WordPress files, plug-ins and themes. You will get a in-depth report of the website’s vulnerabilities and advice on helping to make it much more protected and secure.

Price: $197


Security For Existing WordPress Site

secure wordpress Is your WordPress website susceptible to nasty cyberpunks? Would you like to make is more secure from destructive assaults?

Updating WordPress, adding a couple of security plugins along with altering your server permissions just isn’t sufficient! You need to secure your server, database as well as your WordPress data files.

Allow our professionals secure it for you. We can perform a comprehensive assessment of your configuration, database, as well as WordPress files, plug-ins and themes. You will get a in-depth report of the website’s vulnerabilities and advice on helping to make it much more protected and secure. In addition, we’ll include our proprietary security components to greatly lower the potential for destructive hacker problems. After completion, we will give you a comprehensive statement of the modifications.

Price: $297


Word Press Installation

Would you like to concentrate on your writing and your website content without the need to worry about complicated things like setting up databases and web hosting accounts?
We have an ideal option for you!
Our WordPress installation service is offered in two packages. The Standard WordPress Installation and the SEO WordPress Installation.

Standard WordPress Installation With Security

install wordpress Uncertain the way to securely setup a completely new WordPress website that is protected from annoying cyberpunks? Would you like your WordPress blog set up correctly?

Our expert WordPress installation service features the secure installing of your WordPress website, and includes all of our security components for your server, data files and database to reduce the danger of your site becoming destroyed, or damaged. Additionally, you’re going to get a comprehensive report of all the things we have set up.

Price: $347

Premium SEO WordPress Installation & Security

premium wordpress install The Premium SEO WordPress Installation plan was created to get the professional blogger or business website ready to go with all of the bells and whistles that will make your website a winner. For anyone who is seriously interested in running a blog, you will want the additional features this package supplies, to make certain your website begins correctly.

We will include as many as fifteen plug-ins to help you develop website traffic and improve your website. You will also receive a comprehensive report of all the things provided in your set up.

Price: $627


premium wordpress install Boosting overall performance seems like a good idea however it requires some time and effort. So you
may very well be asking yourself why should anyone worry about trying this. You will find a number of reasons:
1. Considerably improved User Experiences – You might have around Three seconds in order to influence a brand new website visitor to
stay on your website. When your site is slow to load they are going to most likely leave.
2. SEO – The major search engines have begun to take into consideration webpage load time as an element of its formula for ranking
3. Greater Capacity & Better Stability – Websites which are optimized for overall performance
are able to handle more visitors and therefore are much less likely to crash under a significant load.
In case you host your WordPress website using a cloud server (such as Amazon, RackSpace) there’s also an
extra benefit to optimizing your website. Because these companies bill you by the volume of
memory, CPU and bandwidth consumed. A well optimized website will in fact decrease your
hosting costs.

Understanding The Problem

The best way to solve any problem is to understand it first. So let’s look at the factors that are keeping your WordPress site from operating at peak performance.
1. Web Server – The machine that hosts your WordPress site is a major factor in its overall
performance. Most commercial hosts have acceptable servers, but beware of bargain
hosts – often they are no bargain at all!
2. WordPress Configuration – WordPress uses a “one size fits all” set of configuration
settings that can be fine tuned for your installation.
3. Site Design – Your theme and the way you lay out your pages can have a major effect
on the site load time.
4. Database – WordPress uses a MySQL database to store content and configuration
information. Poor performance here can lead to an unresponsive or sluggish website.
5. Graphics – Bloated graphics files and overuse of images are probably the most common
cause of poor performance on any website, and are thus the easiest areas to gain
6. Scripts & Plugins – The same scripts and Plugins that give your site all of its advanced
features can also be a major performance bottleneck. In fact the most common cause of
WordPress server slowdown is having too many plugins. However there are also Plugins
that will improve your sites performance!
7. Bandwidth – The speed of the connection between the user and the website is the
biggest factor in determining how your site performs for the end user. Unfortunately it’s
also one of the factors over which you have the least control.
8. Users Computer – The speed of the user’s computer can also be a major element in the
equation. Although you obviously can’t do anything about this it is possible to control
how their web browser caches items, thus affecting overall performance.
9. Distance – Yes the distance between the user and the web server can factor in,
especially if a satellite transmission is required to make the link. Hosting a site in Europe
for a US audience is not a great idea, even if you get a great deal on hosting. The delays
in transmission will add up, making for a poor user experience.
As you can see there are a myriad of items that can affect how fast your site responds.
We can tweak the ones we have control over so that everything runs at peak

Price: $247

Monthly Maintenance & Security Check

To help keep your WordPress website secure and adequately protected, there will be regular maintenance to consider. With so many hours invested on creating content and marketing, who’s got time and energy to update? Is it absolutely required? Without a doubt, maintenance is a necessity. The issue is, should you? Should you disregard your website’s vulnerabilities? Will you cross your fingers and wish for the very best? Or is it better to maintain your site and your information as safe as you possibly can by staying up to date on every WordPress, Plug-in and Theme updates and should you keep not just your database, but your website data files backed up regularly? With all of the time commitment which will go in to consistently executing updates, you’re going to be taken away from what you may do best. You need to leave these technical tasks to us?

Let us do regular monthly security audits of the server, database and WordPress data files, plugins and themes. We will make required security modifications, and upgrade your WordPress along with, up to, Ten plug ins. Regular monthly reports are included.

Price: $97 (Recurring )